Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don’t Worry Bee Happy

It’s the day before a 6.5 ton satellite is supposed to plummet to the earth.   The likelihood of it actually hitting anyone is 1 in 3200, according to NASA.  When there is only a 10% chance of something happening, I am in that 10% that it happens to.  So I’m writing this tonight so you’ll have something to read tomorrow if I’m the ONE. 
Digital stamps by Faith Skrdla.  Paper is Delight by Nancy Rowe Janitz

The song “Don’t Worry: Be Happy” has been the song in my head today.  It makes me think back to the “Happy Bee-Day” digital stamps from Faith Skrdla.  They were the February freebies on her Designed 2 Delight website in 2010.  Since the whole digital stamping thing was new to me, she answered a lot of questions.  Instead of having her artwork engraved into rubber and mounted on a block of wood, she saved it as a digital file.  The digital stamps didn’t take up any space on my over-crowded rubber stamp shelves!  They didn’t even need cleaned.  No inky fingers until I colored the images!   My computer printer  did the “stamping” for me. 

Do you have a printer?  Can you fold a piece of paper in half?  Can you color?  If you answered “yes” to 2 of those 3 questions, then you can create a homemade card!

BTW, I’m not worried about getting struck by a satellite the size of a bus; but if I do, the happy part might be a stretch.   Keep an eye on the sky tomorrow and ---Don’t worry.  Be happy!


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